Bone Regeneration Solution

Formation of Orthogen Announced

Orthogen LLC was spun off from its corporate parent, BioLok International, Inc., in October 2007. Orthogen previously developed the LaserLok™ line of dental implants and calcium sulfate-based bone graft materials for BioLok. The laser micromachining technology developed by Orthogen to improve the performance of dental implants has applications in several other fields including cardiac stents, intra-ocular lenses, middle ear implants, transcutaneous prostheses, bioreactors, and orthopedic implants. BioLok International was acquired by HealthPoint Capital Dental Holdings in August 2006. Healthpoint merged BioLok with BioHorizons. During this re-organization, Orthogen LLC was established retaining rights to all of the above-mentioned technologies except the LaserLok™ implants.

In the near term, Orthogen LLC is developing and marketing a new line of completely resorbable synthetic bone graft products for dental applications trade-named DentoGen™. Presently, Orthogen is clinically testing a novel, patented nanocomposite bone graft material, DentoGen-CR, that undergoes controlled degradation in the body and stimulates bone regeneration as it degrades. This nanocomposite, allowed for marketing by US FDA, will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2008. A first generation bone graft material, DentoGen™, was launched earlier in 2008.

November 1, 2007