Bone Regeneration Solution

Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate

DentoGen™ is an FDA approved medical grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dentistry. It is developed, manufactured and sold by Orthogen.

Calcium sulfate has a 110 years long history of use as a bone regeneration material. It has been extensively studied for bone regeneration purposes in many animal models and human clinical studies in the United States and Europe. DentoGen™, when implanted in the body, completely resorbs and leaves behind a calcium phosphate based osteoconductive scaffold that enhances bone regeneration.

  • Inhibits non osteogenic cells
  • Stimulates blood vessel growth in filled defects
  • Is totally resorbable, safe and osteoconductive
  • Allows secondary intention healing
  • Can be mixed with other bone graft materials
  • Works as a hemostat
  • Is easy to handle and place and is inexpensive
DentoGen™ is packaged in patient dedicated 1 gram kits, two to a box. The box includes both regular and fast set liquids. The DentoGen™ powder is pre-packaged in a mixing cup. The regular and fast set liquids are provided in easy-to-use vials. Either of the liquids can be poured drop by drop, as required, from these vials.