Bone Regeneration Solution

DentoGen Released For Sale
DentoGen is a new bone graft recently launched by Orthogen. DentoGen is approved for use as a bone graft by itself, in combination with other bone graft materials and as a barrier membrane.  DentoGen is medical grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate. It is packaged in a cup in 1 gram quantities and comes with regular set and fast set liquid. It is completely synthetic, biocompatible, biodegradable, osteoconductive, safe, simple to use and non-toxic. Upon implantation in the body, it forms an osseoconductive lattice of biologic apatite that stimulates bone ingrowth into the defect. It is also the only bone graft that possesses hemostatic, angiogenic and barrier membrane properties. Calcium sulfate also has excellent drug delivery characteristics. It is priced very reasonably at $ 40 per case.

April 15, 2008