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Orthogen is a bone grafting company founded by a group of biomaterials specialists from New York University in 1992. While a division of BioLok International, a publicly held dental products company, Orthogen's founders developed the LaserLokTM line of dental implants and calcium sulfate-based dental bone grafting materials. The best dental implant company online, Orthogen LLC was spun off in October 2007 and continues to develop and market innovative and high-quality bone graft material for both dental and orthopedic applications.

Over a decade of research has enabled Orthogen, LLC to develop the best novel, patented nanotechnology based dental bone grafting materials, trade-named NanoGen. The research and development was supported by National Institutes of Health through their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology through its Edison Innovation Program. Orthogen, LLC conducted the research in collaboration with reputed institutes like Rutgers University and New York University School of Dentistry to become the best company that offers bone graft materials and other innovative services.

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Buy Dental Bone Grafting Materials and Related Products Online

Orthogen, LLC also continues to sell and promote DentoGen®, a calcium sulfate based dental bone graft material used for several decades in dentistry. DentoGen® bone graft can be used by itself or in combination with other dental bone grafting materials in a variety of dental procedures. Dentists can buy DentoGen® online by clicking on the link

Orthogen, LLC strives to be one stop shop for dental implantologists where dentists can buy dental bone grafting materials as well as other products and services required in such procedures. To achieve this goal, Orthogen, LLC provides sutures, membranes and instruments in addition to the dental bone grafting materials to the dental practitioners, offering the best implant services. Dentists can buy these products online by clicking on the link Purchases can be made online through use of a credit card.

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News & Events

NanoGen Launch

NanoGen is a new bone graft product recently launched by Orthogen.



DentoGen Released For Sale

DentoGen is a new bone graft recently launched by orthogen. DentoGen is approved for use as a bone...


Client Testimonials

  • Ziv Mazor, DDS
    Private Practice, Ra'anana, Israel
    NanoGen serves as an excellent bone graft product to treat molar extraction sockets in my patients. Up to 60% new bone was observed in the sockets grafted with NanoGen of which 100% was vital bone.

  • Robert Horowitz, DDS
    Scarsdale, NY
    NanoGen is an intelligently designed nano-particulate graft material. It handles well and resorbs fully leaving the grafted site in an optimal state for bone regeneration.

  • Shankar Iyer, DDS
    Elizabeth, NJ
    I am pleased with the improvements made in Calcium sulfate bone substitutes made by Orthogen. The clinical outcome has been encouraging. This is my material of choice for grafting

  • Ashish Jain BDS, MDS
    Head of Periodontology Department
    I have used NanoGen extensively with great results to treat infrabony defects. NanoGen has helped to stabilize the tooth while regenerating bone in these defect areas

  • Dr. Yoshiharu Komatsu,
    Komatsu Dental Clinic, Kohnan City, Japan
    Very satisfied with NanoGen, easy to use and great quality.

  • Yao-Lin Tang, DDS
    San Mateo, CA
    I have used this bone graft and I really like it because it's so easy to use and you can't beat the price. I have already recommended it to my colleagues.

  • Robert M. Bagoff,
    DMD, FAGD, FICOI Livingston, NJ
    DentoGen® to NanoGen the pathway to better treatment in my clinical practice. In a Type I extraction socket, NanoGen has changed my guided bone regeneration protocol.

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