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NanoGen serves as an excellent bone graft product to treat molar extraction sockets in my patients. Up to 60% new bone was observed in the sockets grafted with NanoGen of which 100% was vital bone. Implants are subsequently placed in the healed sockets and have also shown a 100% success rate one year post implantation. I highly recommend using NanoGen for the treatment of extraction sockets.
Ziv Mazor, DDS
Private Practice, Ra’anana, Israel
NanoGen is an intelligently designed nano-particulate graft material. It handles well and
resorbs fully leaving the grafted site in an optimal state for bone regeneration.
Robert Horowitz, DDS
Scarsdale, NY
I am pleased with the improvements made in Calcium sulfate bone substitutes made by Orthogen. The clinical outcome has been encouraging. This is my material of choice for grafting in sockets and defects denuded by granuloma. The Post-op sequence has been minimal.
Shankar Iyer, DDS
Elizabeth, NJ
I have used NanoGen extensively with great results to treat infrabony defects. NanoGen has helped to stabilize the tooth while regenerating bone in these defect areas.
Ashish Jain BDS, MDS
Head of Periodontology Department
Government Dental College, Chandigarh, India
Very satisfied with NanoGen, easy to use and great quality.
Dr. Yoshiharu Komatsu,
Komatsu Dental Clinic, Kohnan City, Japan
I have used this bone graft and I really like it because it’s so easy to use and you can’t beat the price. I have already recommended it to my colleagues.
Yao-Lin Tang, DDS
San Mateo, CA

From DentoGen« to NanoGen- the pathway to better treatment in my clinical practice. In a Type I extraction socket, NanoGen has changed my guided bone regeneration protocol. Calcium sulfate has been reported in the literature since the later part of the 1800’s. It is bacteriostatic, angiogenic, non-toxic, hemostatic and easily manipulated by the dentist, who occasionally or routinely does guided bone regeneration. My short and long term goals for bone growth in Type I sockets have been realized. With a myriad of materials appearing in the market places, we can become confused, if not baffled, by their claims of each being more amazing than the next. NanoGen is a product that works in my hands as well as in the hands of the colleagues I have taught. Lastly, at a reasonable price point, we can predictably provide a service that is valuable in the short and long term for our patients.

Robert M. Bagoff,
DMD, FAGD, FICOI Livingston, NJ
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