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DentoGen« is an excellent medical-grade calcium sulfate to mix with any bone graft material or to use as a barrier for predictable bone regeneration.
John Sottosanti, DDS
Periodontist, La Jolla, CA
I extensively use DentoGen« for the bone regeneration procedures I do in my practice. It is a very effective product by itself in small defects. Orthogen, LLC is staffed with smart professionals who develop superior products and provide them at a very reasonable cost.
Ziv Mazor, DMD
Periodontist, Ra’anana, Israel

I incorporate DentoGen« into every guided bone regeneration procedure that I provide for my patients. Over the last year, I have been using DentoGen« alone as a graft material in Type I sockets. Orthogen, LLC provides an exceptional amount of material for a very reasonable cost. My immediate subjective results were ease of handling and better hemostasis at the wound site. The long-term objective results were observed on sites that were CAT scanned for implant placement. I highly recommend the use of DentoGen® in the courses I teach on guided bone grafting.
Robert M. Bagoff, DMD
Implant and Restorative Dentist, Livingston, NJ
DentoGen« is a safe and predictable material to use. This product can be used in many different ways at a very reasonable cost. It is a necessary material for my grafting procedures.
Mike Chen, DMD, FICOI
Implant Dentist, San Jose, CA
Ease of use, ability to vary the thickness, ability to hasten the set...all positive features. KUDOS on a great product
Christopher Proto DDS
Implant Dentist, Babylon, NY
I have been using DentoGen« for the past two years and have been very satisfied with the results. Not only does it produce predictable outcomes for implant sites, but the product is also reasonably priced. I feel confident in the company’s research, data and support.
Eric Poznyansky, DDS
Implant Dentist, Brooklyn, NY
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