Orthogen, LLC Technology:

Orthogen, LLC is focused on developing solutions for bone regeneration through application of nanotechnology.

Traditionally, bone graft products often achieve the purpose of grafting or replacing the lost bone tissue. However, quite often, these grafted sites are made up of dead or non-vital bone. In dentistry, it is important that lost bone be replaced with regenerated vital bone to insure the long term success of dental implants. Orthogen, LLC develops products that lead to bone regeneration in bone defects.

To achieve this objective, Orthogen, LLC has developed a proprietary technology through which unique calcium sulfate based bone graft products are manufactured. Microcrystalline calcium sulfate is converted to sub-micron sized grains of calcium sulfate (200 to 900 nanometers in size) through this process. These grains are then compressed tightly to form granules in the size range of 400 to 1000 microns. They undergo controlled degradation after placement in the defect area over a period of 12 weeks and provide bone regeneration stimulus over an extended period through the formation of calcium phosphate. As a result, within 3 to 4 months, defect areas are typically replaced with regenerated vital bone.

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