NanoGen is manufactured using a proprietary technology. Calcium sulfate powder is converted to a very fine structure (size of grains 200 to 900 nanometers). The fine powder is then agglomerated to develop dense particles of the size (400 to 1000 microns).

Because of the dense structure of the particles and the fine size of the grains within the particles, NanoGen undergoes controlled degradation over a period of 12 weeks as compared to regular calcium sulfate, which degrades in 4 to 6 weeks. After implantation in the body, it leads to the formation of calcium phosphate as it degrades. Newly deposited calcium phosphate serves as a stimulus for further bone formation. Because, NanoGen degrades in a more controlled fashion, it provides the stimulus over an extended period and hence leads to robust bone formation in bone defects.

Clinical studies have shown that after implantation in bone defects, NanoGen completely degrades and is replaced by newly formed bone.

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