NanoGen Launch

NanoGen is a new bone graft product recently launched by Orthogen. NanoGen is allowed by US FDA for marketing as

  • a stand-alone bone graft,
  • in combination with other bone graft materials
  • as a barrier membrane

NanoGen is a mixture of particles composed of densely packed grains of nanocrystalline calcium sulfate and medical grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate powder. It is the first nanotechnology-based bone graft approved for clinical use in the USA. Because of its unique structure, NanoGen undergoes controlled, slower degradation as compared to traditional calcium sulfate. Hence, implantation of NanoGen in bone defects results in effective bone regeneration.

NanoGen was developed through the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research Grant awarded to Orthogen, LLC. Drs. Harold Alexander, Sachin Mamidwar and John Ricci served a Principal Investigators on this project. Research and development was conducted at Orthogen, LLC as well as New York University College of Dentistry. Clinical studies have shown extremely promising results for extraction sockets as well as infrabony defects. NanoGen is packaged in patient dedicated 1-gram quantities and comes with saline as a setting solution.

Each patient dedicated kit is attractively priced at $55. Please call 1-877-336-8643 or 973-467-2404 or visit our website at Email requests should be addressed to:

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