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    A brief post published on the premier forum
    This post gives precise information on DentoGen bone graft and how it can be used.
    How to Graft an Extraction Socket. Proto C., Dental Products Report, August 2010.
    This technique article discusses, step by step, how an extraction socket can be grafted with DentoGen.
  • Bone Regeneration in Periodontal Defect Using a Composite of Allograft and Calcium Sulfate (DentoGen) and a Calcium Sulfate Barrier:
    Ziv Mazor, Sachin Mamidwar, John Ricci, and Nick Tovar, Ph.D. Journal of Oral Implantology, published online. This paper discusses the use of a combination of allograft and DentoGen to effectively treat periodontal bone defects.
    Please visit the following link to view the paper.
  • Medical Grade Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate in Healing of Human Extraction Sockets Clinical and Histological Observations at 3 Months:
    Guarnieri R., Pecora G., Fini M., Aldini N., Giardino R., Orsini G., Piattelli A. J Periodontol, 2004; 75:902-908.
    Medical grade calcium sulfate was grafted in fresh extractions sockets in 10 patients. At 3 months, a cylindrical tissue specimen, 2.5 mm in diameter, was trephined from the previously grafted site followed by implant placement. The mean trabecular area was 58%. Link to Abstract:
  • Using Calcium Sulfate as a Graft Enhancer and Membrane Barrier:
    Sottosanti J., Anson D. Dent Implantology Update. 2003, 14:1.
    This paper discusses the effective use of calcium sulfate in combination with other bone grafts like DFDBA and also its use as a barrier.
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