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materials for dental implantsOur products are available to dental professionals around the world and have proven to be effective for the success of dental implant insertions. The patented NanoGen, as well as our DentoGen, are recognized as leading materials for dental implants and its fabrication. They were developed using a nanocrystalline calcium sulfate-based material that assists in tissue regeneration for implant insertions.

After a surgery, a tooth extraction becomes stabilized and a graft is performed with the dental implant materials to protect the extraction area. As the best dental implant company online, our materials will maximize the regenerated bone and prevent infections when used for post extraction implantology.

What areas can you use the materials for dental implants?

What can you expect from the dental implant materials provided by Orthogen LLC?

The success of osteointegration depends on the availability of bone prior to placement of the implant. The materials for dental implants are used in accordance with our bone grafting products to support proper placement and bone growth for a successful surgical procedure. Without regenerated bone in the extraction area, implants would be irritating and cause inflammation without their grafts.

The procedure through use of our dental implant materials makes oral surgery a routine procedure as the implants are placed in the appropriate positions. There are times when you'll be able to use both the grafting and implant materials together if there is enough bone at extraction to stabilize an implants placement.

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In many procedures, the augmentation of bone before an implant is placed is vital to its success. Proper fixation to the jaw bone assures suitable healing of the implant. With the LaserLok technology, the dental implant materials created by our biomaterials specialists protects existing bone structure and reduces bone loss while creating an optimal surface for implant procedures.

The more contact seen between the bone and an implant, the higher its success rate. On our site, you can shop sutures and other instruments that make your procedure as successful as possible. With our patented and highly reliable products for grafting the bone, together with our materials for dental implants, you'll see success in your next surgical implant procedure.

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